It’s great getting away from your home when you’re on holiday – that’s the whole point, really – but unless you’re camping or backpacking, you’re still going to want a few cosy comforts to be available wherever you’re staying. The things you take for granted when you’re at home turn into little blessings when you’re on holiday. A hot coffee when you get up in the morning, a bit of sauce for your takeaways, something to wash your hands with in the bathroom, it all counts towards a comfortable, relaxing experience.

As a host, your guests need to be more than simply dollar signs in your eyes. In many ways you’re their service staff for the duration of their stay, and like a good servant, you’re responsible for anticipating their needs.

AirBNB has raised the bar for hospitality, and as a bare minimum you’re going to want to provide amenities at least on the same level as competing hotels in the area. Guests have come to expect certain things: tea and coffee making facilities, including hot chocolate; condiments, seasoning and utensils; kitchen cleaning basics like sponges, soaps and dishwashing liquid; bathroom necessities such as toilet paper, soaps, shampoo and conditioners, body wash and shower caps. The required items needed just to make your guests feel a basic level of comfort are enough to fill a shopping trolley. But they’re all necessary. Nobody wants to have to bring half their home with them on holiday.

If it all seems like too much hassle right now, don’t worry. Your friends at Home and Host know what they’re doing. With a wealth of experience and feedback to guide us, not only do we know exactly what guests expect, we know how to add those special little touches that’ll make their holiday – and your property – memorable.

Going above your guests’ expectations is a sure-fire way to receive a great review, and more business in turn. Take full advantage of your property’s location by providing fresh produce like bread and fruits from local stores. If there’s a well known restaurant, bakery or cafe in your area, see if you can work out a voucher or discount deal with the business owners. Providing pamphlets about local attractions is also a great idea. If you can’t find any from your local information centre, have one made up for an extra personal touch. Stock up your shelves with books and DVDs, provide a few phone chargers, a coffee machine, a Bluetooth speaker or music player, even an old gaming console hooked up to the TV will show your guests that you care for their comfort.

Home and Host work with you to make your property a special experience. Our boutique bathroom packs will refresh and rejuvenate. Our kitchen packs provide everything from the basics to the indulgent, from fair trade coffee and tea to dishwashing liquid. Not only are we experts at providing maximum comfort for your guests, we’re caring with a conscience. We use fair trade and eco-friendly wherever we can. Even the toilet paper we use is 100% recycled and sourced from suppliers who give 50% of their profits to charity. Good for your bum. Great for the world.

Home and Host are the experts when it comes to making an impact in the crowded short term rental market. Work with the professionals. Make your property stand out and provide your guests with great value and an experience they’ll want to brag about.