Do you ever let your dirty sheets and towels pile up at home, until suddenly there’s a whole day dedicated to cleaning them all? Well, you better start enjoying loading and unloading the washing machine, because as the host of a short-term rental property, you’re going to be responsible for a lot of laundry. In fact, it’s one of the biggest challenges when managing a property through AirBNB.

Your guests want to know that the sheets they’ll sleep in and the towels they’ll use to dry themselves will be professionally cleaned. As a rule, hospitality standards are higher than home standards, and your guests will want to know that the unfamiliar fabrics against their bodies are not just clean, but sterile. That means taking into account easily-irritated skin, possible allergies and using inoffensive scents in your detergents.

For each guest turnover you’ll need a set of at least two towels per person, sheets, pillowcases and a doona/duvet with cover. To ensure each turnover is smooth you’re going to need a bare minimum of three complete sets per guest that are constantly in rotation: one set on the property, one set being cleaned, and one set ready to be used for the next guest. With each rotation you’ll be checking for stains as well as general wear and tear. First impressions count towards guest comfort, and you’re going to want to make sure your presentation is up to scratch. Bed-making and towel-folding skills are a must, and should be paired with little touches like throw cushions to show some style and personality.

Sheets must be crisp, towels folded, and everything freshly pressed and spotless. Your guests expect nothing less, and they’ll let the online community know whether their expectations have been met. It’s a lot of responsibility for a property owner. But you only need to be responsible for having it done. You don’t necessarily have to do it yourself. That’s where your friends at Home and Host have your back. We’ll take care of the constant cycle of laundry while you sit back and watch the good reviews roll in.

Home and Host will provide you with a hotel-quality linen, spotless, pressed and clean. We love towels as much as your guests, and we can complement each bed set with two luxuriously large 100% cotton towels per person, with the option of matching bath mats, face and hand towels. We can even supply you with tea towels for the kitchen, so your laundry chores go down to nothing. For the price and hassle of processing and maintaining your own linen and towels, you could save valuable time and money talking to Home and Host today. No longer will you have to worry about endless laundromat visits, ironing marathons, and trying to find matching replacements for torn or stained sheets. Stop slaving and let us do the dirty work.

Speaking of work – how would you feel about doing nothing at all? Home and Host’s housekeeping option means our staff will expertly make the beds, present the towels and prepare everything for your next guest.

Think about the last time you were staying away from home. That’s when the little comforts count the most. Using a pillowy towel to dry yourself off. Sandwiching yourself between the cool sheets of a nicely-made bed. Give your guests the home-away-from-home comfort of knowing that someone’s really cared about those little things to make their stay that much more enjoyable. Talk to Home and Host today about your short-term rental property’s linen and towel needs. It’s the responsible thing to do.