One of the most important aspects of the short-term rental business is not only the ongoing standards you want to keep, but the little things that make your property special - the touches of personality and service that will translate to your property becoming a sought after place to stay. A major consideration is whether you want to spend that time and energy between each guest, or outsource the work to professionals. To help you decide, let’s talk about the basic housekeeping needed between stays.

Getting your timing right is essential. You want to get in and out, having done all the cleaning and maintenance, before the next guests arrive. Always confirm timings with each guest on the phone, if not in person. Make sure nothing has been left behind, taken or damaged. It’s no secret that a guest’s sense of comfort is going to be put off by a broken window, a missing toaster or a stranger’s smelly socks under the bed.

Of course, you’re not always going to be available. What if you’re stuck working but have a honeymooning couple due to leave on the same day as the arrival of a holidaying family? You’d want to know that the place is spick and span. You don’t want to be forced to do a rush job and let your standards slip, or shell out major cash for a one-off cleaner.

Even though you’re not running a hotel, the same standard of hospitality-grade cleanliness is expected by your guests. A cheap supermarket brand of spray-on cleanser isn’t going to cut it, and neither is dousing everything in bleach. High quality, area-specific products are required, containing ingredients that aren’t going to irritate skin, flare up allergies or exacerbate breathing problems. For the same reasons, you’re going to need to regularly clean areas you wouldn’t normally bother with. Keeping under the sofa clear, wiping down air vents and keeping the pleats of your curtains dust-free all add up to keeping a clean and safe home environment. For the sake of your guests (and their positive reviews), your best bet is to put the cleaning in the hands of someone with the same exacting standards as the pickiest of homemakers.

The niceties you’d expect from staying anywhere - clean linen, kitchen condiments, fresh towels and a bathroom stocked full of amenities - should be a given. Let’s talk about the little things. The stand-out details. We’re not talking just a stack of family-friendly DVDs and a WiFi password, we’re talking a bunch of fresh flowers, a bottle of wine, even a personalised card and a few chocolates if it’s a special occasion (like our honeymooning couple). Little touches like this will do wonders for your guests’ experience. And your rating.

It can get exhausting spending so much time and energy, especially when you’re trying to fit it all into your already hectic schedule. The solution is to find someone to do it for you. Someone who can not only ensure, but enhance your guests’ comfort.

Leave it all to us. Home and Host are professionals. This is what we do. Our cleaners will consistently exceed your exacting standards. We’ll launder towels and restock amenities, and our hotel-quality linen service will save you a major logistical and financial headache. All of those little worries can be swept away and into our welcoming arms. Your guests can even contribute in the form of a small cleaning fee. Who wouldn’t pay a little extra to know they’ve slept in a clean room, and know they don’t have to clean up after themselves when they leave?